Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Have Eyes Only For You Rebel T1I: Subject Lorelei

Okay, so it's a bit much. I have to say it. I LOVE my new camera. It makes me giddy and happy knowing I'll have so many pictures of my kids that I put a lot of love into. I love playing with it, trying new things and chasing my kids around to get "just one more" shot. Here are some shots of my loyal and royal subject Miss Lorelei. Love you kiddo!

Lorelei Grin. "CHEESE!"

Curls in the AM.

Below two shots are part of Touch Up Tuesday:


Photography love...

Below Shot is a part of Simplicity Challenge: Everyday Life

This last shot is just for fun. Just Because. Hope you like it!

My Favorite SHOT!
No matter how often I get told to put the light behind me I really enjoy the drama of a good shadow.


  1. Beautiful shots, love the first one the color of her shirt really pops her eyes! Thanks for visiting June Makes Six....I right there with you when it comes to diapers:)


  2. Hi! Great shots! I found you through the grape vine :0). I was looking in your camera bag ;0) and found that we are much alike! I just recently purchased a used rebel, I just have the standard lens right now, but I can't wait to purchase a 50mm. Anyhow, I edit with Gimp and Picasso. Pretty nifty. I am also reading my manual to figure this thing out! :0)

  3. Love them all! We miss you guys! I think a playdate is in order very soon! What does next Monday look like for you? Unless you could make it up here? I know i always do that to you... let me know! (I probably should send this on facebook but since its already typed you get it here! *smiles*)

  4. Tiffany, thanks for the comment! Thank you for taking a look!

    Hi Becky! I'm glad you found me. We can learn together. I'm enjoying the process! I'll take a look at your site! Oh, and if you get a new lens I suggest an 18-300mm. I have the 55-250 and it can get frustrating at times. I have to switch a lens for quite often.

    Jenn, I will get back with you! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Nicole! I was just thinking about you the other day - no kidding! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your header and congrats on the new camera - yay! I know how exciting that is! :-) Wow, your girls are getting so big, and they're just gorgeous. Great to hear from you - thanks so much for stopping by! ♥

  6. Hi Karli! I love your blog and it means a lot that you like mine too! Oh, your kids are so cute. Hannah, my youngest while sitting on my lap said "Me" when she saw a picture of your daughter. Cute. Cute.

  7. Awww - so adorable! Have fun with your new camera :) SO exciting...

  8. Thank you Faith! I am certainly having fun with it!


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