Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nap Time Debate: Homeschooling vs. Public Schools Part 2

If you have yet to read Homeschooling vs Public Schools the first debate please click here if you're interested in brushing up on some reading.

So here it is September already. I can't even believe how fast this summer has gone. S'mores have been eaten, camp fires have been enjoyed, the beach has given many hours of entertainment and sandy diapers and now it comes down to the decision. Where do I send Lorelei to school this year? What will be the answer for my family with the concerns of education.

First I will tell you that I spoke to Lorelei's preschool teacher the other day. We registered her into Public school back at her open house in early spring for the upcoming school year. Lorelei was not yet potty trained, but on her way. We saw all the other parents signing checks and getting kids ready for their first year of school and we jumped right on that band wagon. Well, jumped too quickly really. Miss Lorelei still refuses to...uhum...doodoo number 2 on the potty. (Sorry bad joke.)

I recently got up the nerve to call the preschool and speak with the teachers at our public school. Basically I was calling to scream for help and tell them I did not want to be "that" parent who sent their child to preschool wetting their chairs and peers while they were there. Could you imagine the poor children going through that or seeing it happen on a daily basis. The trauma they must experience. That and the poor teacher. What a first few weeks, months it must be in the first year preschool rooms. Wooh. These women (and men) need awards for their practice.

The director gave me the advice of just going with it. Take Lorelei out of pull ups completely and let her be free. She will learn. The pull up is after all a diaper the kids can pull up and down. A toilet to carry if you will and they know the difference of underwear and pull ups. Let me tell you. I didn't know what to do. I was calling to back out of preschool for my little girl and they are telling me to forge ahead. What to do what to do?!

After all there has been wonderful communication and discussion with a friend of mine about starting up our own preschool for our girls so we could teach them at their own pace. Watch them learn and be able to help them with specific needs. I feel that would help them get ready for preschool. What's preschool for three year olds anyway...pre-preschool?

So all if this is floating around my head while I'm thinking "Wow. Two and a half hours during Hannah's nap time. That's it. Lorelei would be around other kids, enjoying herself. Let's do it. Should I do it?" The open house for the preschool was days away. Actually, now that I think of it I think it was the next day. I was at a loss. I told the teacher and director thank you and that we would be at the open house. We would attend and hope Lorelei would love it and she would want to finish training. I immediately stopped using pull ups all together. She has stayed dry all night and only has accidents while running to the potty to make it. That and number two. Oh boy, number two. There is an icky story I will spare you the details, but I put down a firm mommy law on that one. No more. Let's just say it involved dirty big girl underwear, my carpet and a small pink potty. Enough said, right.

So here we were, getting ready for a preschool open house. My husband and I had another discussion once again. It came back to the fact that I teach Lorelei and Hannah all day and at many points throughout the week. Was a strict and organized preschool classroom something that Lorelei needed right now? What if I took Lorelei to the classroom for the open house and she loved it, but wouldn't train? What if she loved it and we decided two years was ridiculous? One what if I didn't think of was "what if she loves it and it all works out?"

I e-mailed the teacher the next morning apologizing for the inconvenience and explaining our situation. I wouldn't want to traumatize or push Lorelei into something she is not ready for. After all a group of close friends in a nurturing structured environment sounds pretty darn great to me. We will learn about each other, friends, letters, numbers, games and so many other things. I will feel more comfortable as a mommy to send Lorelei to preschool after knowing she is ready...next year.

So there it is. My inner debate. I worry too much, but I love a lot! I hope my girls will know that when they hit their teen years and undoubtedly hate me. Oh, sad thoughts, but in the end I am doing what I feel is right for my girls and I feel like a small group of kids in an at home environment and learning at their own pace is just right. We are homeschooling this year!

What do you think? Any opinions? Any websites I should check out to prepare myself? Are you already doing it or have done it? Any and all advice and comments are welcome! I hope sharing my debate with you will help you make your decisions or at least let you know you are not the only person out there struggling with the inability to make a decision until the very last minute. Please enjoy your kids. They will be out of the house and having kids of their own before you blink. So I've been told by my mother many times.

If you homeschool or are interested please take a look at my Crafts & Education page and please leave any tips or comments. Thanks!


  1. Before our son was born, I was already devising a machine that involved a sports cup, moisture sensor and a wet-vac. At the very least, we'd eliminate those midnight changings :)

    Patent Pending of course.

    Though I'm nowhere near that stage of potty-training (we're still trying to figure out why gas makes this kid go ballistic), I'm confident your daughter will be 100% ready for school next year :)

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by! I'll be adding you to my feeds, if you don't mind!

  2. Thank you so much for your confidence and comment! I really hope everything goes well. I'm sure with a little more patience all will end well! Fingers crossed. I'm excited for a little homeschooling though. It'll be nice to know that she is ready when the time comes instead of forcing her.

    Thanks! I'll be sure to stop back by!


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