My name is Nicole and my life has changed since the last time I have blogged back in June. Things have been busy and there have been many changes and within time there will be many changes on my blog. I'm not quite sure what I will be writing about or what direction this blog will take, but I hope to enjoy the process of finding out what's a right fit. When I know the right fit you will be the first to know! Enjoy my very first photo share when I first started blogging the summer of 2010.

My girls, Summer 2010

This is an older shot as well. Hopefully I will get some new ones up soon. Meet me, Nicole.


"I am grateful I have everything I need, more than I've ever wanted and just because life isn't what I expected doesn't mean it's not what it's meant to be." -Yours Truly

Some of my favorite blog posts are: 

"Hannah Swallowed a Penny: There I Said it" 
"Potato Stamps"  

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