Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sew A Skirt (+Adorable Approval)

 My latest project idea was to make Lorelei a skirt with a pocket. I have made a dress for both Hannah and Lorelei and I wanted to to try a new technique and a skirt this time around. (See this post for my first set of creations.)
When I made the dresses I did a "grab" ruffle technique. I'm not sure what it is really called, but I loved it and it was super easy. This time I wanted to try using elastic and I thought a pocket would be interesting to add to a skirt.

Here is the pocket. I added some ruffles to that as well.

 The finish product. What do you think? If you know me you know I did not use any directions, but I did see a youtube video that is very helpful and I have to share!

Miss Lorelei in her skirt. The picture isn't wonderful, she wasn't so willing to sit still, but she loves the pocket. She is a collector and likes all things girly so I thought this was a good fit.

I can't forget the baby dolls dress. I made this out of scraps from the last project. Both the girls love this and it was super easy. (If you ever have questions just ask!)

 This is Bones, our dog. What do you think? Approval?

The Paper Mama Movement Challenge:
Oh, why yes. I think a wink is a good sign.

I'm also linking this last shot up for The Paper Mama's Movement Challenge. Does a wink count?

The Paper Mama

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  1. Love love that skirt! I wish I could sew.

  2. Hey Becky, Thanks! You know sewing is new for me too and I love it! You should give it a try!

  3. Great job with the skirt! Adorable! And thanks for visiting!


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