Thursday, June 3, 2010

Apparently You Can't Turn Away From a Three Year Old

While attempting to check out this new thing called blog. LOL I attempted to entertain my three year old daughter while my one year old daughter was napping so I could learn more that you already know about blogging. ;)

Note to self: don't set a three year old free with paint or a bowl of cereal if you plan on turning your head.

First it was the paint. She declared the other day that she in fact wants to be an artist when she grows up. Her Uncle of course would be so proud, but wait for the awe as she today decides that running her hands through it and putting it on the furniture just might be a good idea. Oh man, it not only ended up on her and her clothes, but the table and the floor. Shhhhh...don't tell my husband.

Next came the bowl of cereal, the activity table and a cartoon. You would think this sounds perfectly okay. She is two feet from me, but she just so happened to think splashing milk and cereal all over herself, the activity table, and the floor once again would be a great idea.

Everyone keeps telling me these are the best years of my life. I do believe them, but I wonder if they are sane and if so how did they make it out with sanity in tact (she says with a smile).

Last Note to self: blog while both children are napping. Three year olds cannot be contained. ;)

I hope to see you here again soon so you can follow my learning process and hopefully grade me on a curve as it is not me, but my husband who enjoys computers, technology and such. I however, can type a mean note or grocery list.


  1. Oooh. I will be recommending this to my friends for sure. She seems quite witty and I commend her for starting something so daring and new.


  2. This is wonderful Nicole


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