Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nap Time Debate: Friend Vs. Mom

Okay, so technically it is nap time, but I am writing this while my three year old whispers behind me. She refuses to take a nap and she is lying on the couch with her daddy causing a little mischief while her little sister naps quietly in her crib. What I am debating today after spending some much needed "Lorelei and Mommy" time today is if I should be more of a friend or more of the typical MOM type.

I more than anything want to be a part of my girls lives and see them grow and learn and interact. I play with them and teach them. I take them swimming and to the park. I run with them to play catch and kick a ball. I even bake with them and do so many crafts the projects are starting to take up my home, but is my discipline is lacking?

I put Lorelei in time out when she does something like hit or kick, but she runs out laughing, but if I take a beloved stuffed animal away after misusing it she cries. I don't understand. Mischief is a game to my sweet Lorelei and I am wondering if I have let it manifest from being too close to her. Am I too much of a friend to Lorelei and Hannah?

I want what is best for my daughters by all means, but does that mean I need to back up a little bit? Should I be the mom who takes me girls to day care so they spend some time away from me? I wonder if my discipline isn't doing much for Lorelei. Hannah has already started standing on chairs and waits for me to stand up to get her before she sits down giggling. I sit down, she stands up and it keeps on happening until I take her down and she fusses.

Sometimes I fear that my girls look at me as a playmate instead of a mom. Although those moments Lorelei stops whatever she is doing in public or at home and hugs me and tells me how much she loves me. Hannah loves to cuddle and read books with me makes my heart warm. So here it is. I want to be both if there is such a thing.

I choose a friendly mom. Does that work? I want to keep communication open with my girls as they grow. I want to share with them what they enjoy and I want them to know their boundaries. I want them to grow to understand themselves and others, to be caring and respectful and to have high morals, to love one another and do whats right and not always easy.

I know my choices will always affect and be a apart of my children and I will always do my best, after all my mommy taught me that.

Lorelei helping Hannah up the stairs.


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