Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hannah Swallowed a Penny: There I said it

My beautiful one year old teething daughter Hannah grabbed a penny and put it in her mouth. Everything goes into this childs mouth. I am always scared about the rocks, sand and misc. objects she finds and puts right in her tiny little mouth. She not only put the penny in her mouth but she choked on it all the way down while I was trying get it out.

Let's start back from the beginning shall we.

Lorelei was climbing on the stools to get to the counter which is where we keep all the toys that have been misused or fought over between the two girls. They get them back the next day. Anyway, while she is climbing and reclaiming some toys all while I'm in the kitchen getting a snack for her sister (only a couple feet away and staring right at her) she found a penny. I had no idea at first.

I came back into the room to get Hannah and Lorelei came up to me with this grin. "Don't I look pretty like a Princess?" I of course replied with a "Oh my. You sure do. You are beautiful." She grinned a mischievous grin and said "but I have something. Do you see?"

The penny was hiding in her fisted up hand. I explained to her that we needed to put the penny in her piggy bank right away and that she should not have grabbed it off the counter. Mistake number one. She illegally found the penny so I should have taken it away, but today has been one of those days. Unfocused and the kids have both been cranky.

Somehow I got sidetracked with Hannah and immediately forgot about the penny. I sat down with Hannah at this very computer to add something to my blog. Lorelei came up with the penny and sat it down on the table next to me and it dawned on me that I had forgotten. I talked to Lorelei about the penny again and very soon after yet again I forgot about it. Hannah climbed off my lap just as I was "x'ing" out and hand in mouth there goes the penny.

I was so scared but very smooth and controlled. I put my finger in her mouth to get the penny just as she started to gag, swallow, choke. Now I'm freaking out. I patted her back and try to get that little penny out of my daughter. I failed. She choked, couldn't breathe and then one single tear came down her cute little cheek.

I almost lost it. I looked at Lorelei and said "Oh my gosh the penny. Lorelei the penny. Your sister just swallowed a penny. Oh my gosh your sister just swallowed a penny!" She of course thought it was funny and I took a deep breathe. Okay on to the next step I thought. She coughed I gave her a drink of water and called the pediatrician. They were busy, busy, busy.

Finally after getting the busy signal with the office I called my husband to ask what I should do. Of course he said to call the doctor. I called again and again. Finally I got the receptionist when she tells me the nurse is on another line and I'd have to leave a message. OH man. I was about to cry.

I explain to the receptionist and she put me through. I spoke with the nurse and now I have to watch Hannah like a hawk to make sure everything goes down okay. Give her plenty of fiber and if the penny doesn't come out in a day and a half Hannah needs x-rays. If it's still there they have to go in and get it.

I feel like the worst mother on this planet. Combine the two worst and that is me. The nurse had to calm me down on the phone and tell me stories about when she was a girl. I feel like I should swallow two pennies and quarter to just make it up to Hannah.

After Googling over an over again I have realized that it does happen more often than I had thought. I have faith (hanging from a string) that it will be fine. Please be fine.

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