Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Untitled: Aug. 3rd

A busy day today full of cleaning, playing, reading, card making and the beach! The day started with Lorelei at about 6:30am quietly and calming asking her baby sister "do you want to go out to the living room with me?" Yes, this was while Hannah was still sleeping. I went in to check on the girls and Hannah was still groggy so I took Lorelei out to the living room. Within minutes Hannah was fully awake.

She did however sit quietly outside the bathroom door watching me get ready for the day like I normally would have if she were still sleeping. Everyone was very calm and collected this morning. Lorelei kept telling me she just wanted to stay in and watch cartoons. Now, I don't mind a few cartoons, but not all day. No way, not happening.

I decided after forgoing the early morning walk as both girls were tired that I would have a cleaning day. I mean move the furniture and vacuum every corner kind of day. I was worried about the girls being entertained or if I'd get started and not be able to finish, but they were so calm that they just played.

Quite surprisingly the girls were super excited the house was a mess. Surprised as they were that the toys were all over the floor. It was like a buffet of activities at their little finger tips. They went from toy to stuffed animal and all over again. They did however make the toy picking up a little longer than expected because they were pulling everything out from behind me, but they were great while I was cleaning. So what the hey.

Having the vacuum out was like a moth to flames for those girls. If I had to wander away (by away I mean two feet) I would unplug the vacuum and the girls ran to it to check out every little tube and attachment. It was actually quite adorable because they are both a tad uncomfortable with the vacuum when it's actually doing its job.

Vacuuming was finished as well as sweeping, mopping and dishes were washed, laundry was washed and folded. It was a great day for housework. We also had some outdoor playtime on the patio this morning. Lorelei also wanted to make a card for her dad. I kept cleaning during naps and after naps I put together dinner. Matt got home and we had a family dinner and me and the girls went down to the beach while Matt made the cookies I ended up not having time for. I promised I would not joke about how they ended up.

Coming in from the beach Lorelei had a fit about getting sprayed, but after all of that cleaning I was not about to let her drag in more sand. In the end she got upset and my house and especially the bath tub got covered in sand. Go figure right. Lorelei also brought in acorns when we took the dog out earlier in the day as well as the beach finds; shells and feathers. I have given up on the struggle with my daughter being the collector that she is. I do not fight it any longer. There is a vase in her room where she puts all of her little goodies.

After bathing the girls and Lorelei putting her goodies up Hannah went to bed while Lorelei finished up a cartoon called "The Backyardigans." During this cartoon Lorelei looks at me and asks "Why do Kangaroos have pockets for their babies to sleep in?" I swear to you this is the first time I have ever been stumped. I was thinking she kind of answered her own question in her question. Then she asks about something from her cartoon "Why does Pablo's horse have that bandage thing around his legs?"

We decided on the mom kangaroo wants to carry the baby kangaroo and Pablo's horse is either cold, hurt or it helps him run faster. When Matt came back into the room she repeated her questions for him. He gave better answers which is odd because I'm usually right on. He tells her the pouch or "pocket" helps keep the baby warm. Lorelei says "Oh. They must have a blanket in there for her...the baby....and a guy I bet."

After cuddling with Lorelei and both parents going in to settle her into bed (by bed I mean indoor tent she couldn't live without) it is now MOM's turn to settle into bed. I'm so tired.

I leave you with the word of the day by dictionary.com as told on my ipod.

tarry (TAR-ee)

Definition: to remain or stay, as in a place; sojourn.

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