Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Birthday For a One Year Old

Today was my second daughters birthday. She turned one today. It's hard to imagine how time changes everything. It seems like I gave birth to my children yesterday while I just celebrated my oldest daughters third birthday two weeks ago as well as celebrating my youngest first birthday today. My two beautiful girls are growing up.

The day and celebration in itself was beautiful, and I am very thankful to my family who came out to spend time with us and sad for the family members who couldn't make it. We took some beautiful pictures I'd love to share a few at a later date as I am very exhausted. Exhausted by two birthdays so close together.

It is bittersweet really. I am happy that the birthdays wont be for another year because it means my girls are getting even older and more parties. Wow the parties, but it's a little bitter because the celebrations are of course over. The cakes have been baked and eaten. The fun has been had and the pictures have been taken.

I will remember and cherish my children and these days always.

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