Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Preschool: My Binoculars Help Me See My A, B, C's

Preschool Lesson Plan 1, Theme: Sky, Letters: A, B, C

The three kiddos coloring, writing and tracing letters A, B, C.

Zeke from A Beautiful Life in front of the kids Preschool Banner they painted during the introduction of preschool.

Lorelei excited to use her Tinker Bell pencils and ruler while coloring in her letter A.

E from A Day's Journal enjoying cutting out her letter B after coloring.

Zeke gluing down his Blue Bird for onto his sky. He was the first to notice the hidden letters by saying "Hey! There's an A on my airplane!"

Enjoying a book read by Sheri from A Day's Journal.

"Round Like a Ball!" All the kiddos including the little guys enjoyed story time.

E, Lorelei and Zeke holding up their projects.

Taking pictures of their projects and I think we lost them.

We weren't so successful with getting all of the little guys together. Do you see Hannah and R looking over at Kiah?

This is what they were looking at and this is the best shot of the three.

The big kids at recess. The girls were picking on Zeke by pushing him on the swing when he really just wanted to be alone in the task. I think he liked it a little bit though.

In all what we did was give them a few moments to get introduced and get the giggles out at first arrival. Second we set up their coloring pages and let them color, cut and trace their letters (first lesson A, B, C). Third we got them started on a little gluing project. I previously cut out the shapes of an airplane, bird and cloud. The airplane had a hidden A and the blue bird had a hidden B while the cloud was in the shape of the C. Next we had snack time followed by a book. When they kids were all done and settled back down from the book Jenn introduced the binocular project. She had felt and toilet paper rolls as well as the fuzzy pipes. (Forgive me I forget what they are called.) The kids glued the felt on and we cut out the access from around the two, side by side toilet paper rolls. Jenn and I cut out some felt shapes for the kids to decorate their binoculars. We attached the fuzzy pipes to keep the felt on since we were going to use them right after gluing. The kids then took them out and ran around outside looking for things in the sky. I think it was a wonderful time and the kids really did enjoy themselves. I can't wait for next week and I know Lorelei is even more excited.

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  1. great shots Nicole! You'll have to send me some of these!

  2. Looks like a great day.. kids are so cute and they look like they had a great time :)

  3. I found Zeke's binoculars last night, under the deck. Eden's been obsessed with hers - asking to go for walks and showing me what she sees. :)

    Good project, Jenn!


  4. I'm looking forward to the day, when we do little learning projects as well. :)


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