Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Morning!

Click. The coffee maker gets warm and the smell of fresh brewed Folger's makes its way past my nose. I pop out of bed to a sunny warm morning and birds chirping. After freshening myself up the girls wake up at the same moment my husbands alarm goes off to start his work day. Hot cinnamon buns are in the oven baking as I pore my first steaming cup of coffee. A beautiful morning!

This would be wonderful if it were true. As beautiful as it may sound I woke at 5am with the sounds of an upset one year old who just wanted to wake up and a three year old running out of the room asking to sleep in my bed. Once in the girls room 'H' wants up and up now. 'L' wants to go into the living room and there it is. I officially wake up around 5:30am on a Wednesday. Good morning.

However early I did start hot coffee and make cinnamon rolls. I figured I might as well start the day with the best intents. I burnt my thumb on the pan and suffer from what feels like third degree burns and the cinnamon rolls burnt after only 13 minutes in the oven. 'H' wanted milk and breakfast and 'L' wanted her forever loved "hot cocoa" aka cold chocolate milk. My morning has started!

It's a brisk day on the lake, but we will find something interesting for our day and enjoy it. We will not be able to relive today. As for other plans I am looking for activities for the fourth as I have yet to plan any.

The word of the day posted by

macabre (muh-KAH-bruh)

Definition: gruesome and horrifying.

What a way to start a day!

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