Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Little Creativity Goes a Long Way

Cuddling into blankets, pillows and stuffed animals galore Lorelei asked for me to read a book. As silly as it sounds it was past nap time and the lights were already out while I was sitting down with Hannah. So I decided to get creative, which works well for Lorelei since she really enjoys something personal. So here it is, or at least how I remember it.

Once upon a time there was a big green, harry troll who lived under the bridge, hey. Princess Lorelei and Princess Hannah were crossing the big green, harry old trolls bridge when all of a sudden. "Hey! I am the BIG green, harry ole troll who lives under the bridge and you owe me a toll."

Princess Lorelei dug through her pocket to find exactly one coin. She handed the coin to the big green, harry troll who lived under the bridge and they were on their way again. They were headed to the park when all of a sudden from behind a bush jumped out the BIG bad wolf.

"What is in that basket you have there?" Asked the big bad wolf.

"Cookies" cried Princess Hannah.

"I want one and I want one now!" said the big bad wolf.

"I will share a cookie with you if only you say please and thank you. These cookies are for our grandma" said Princess Lorelei.

"No. I will not. I want a cookie and I will take a cookie." said the big bad wolf.

The big bad wolf was not using his manners so the girls went on to the park when all of a sudden the big bad wolf came out from behind, yet another big green bush.

"Hey! I want a big cookie. I want it! I want it! I want it!" said the big bad wolf.

"I would be happy to share if you say please." Said Princess Lorelei. Again, the big bad wolf was not being friendly and saying please so the girls finished on to the park to play for a minute before going on to Grandma's house.

The two girls were swinging on the swings and sliding down the slides when all of a sudden out popped the big bad wolf again.

"I want that cookie. I will not say please. I will take that cookie." said the big bad wolf when all of a sudden Princess Lorelei said "Big bad wolf no swiping!" The big bad wolf walked off.

The girls finished up at the park and when they were almost to their grandma's house they saw the big bad wolf peak out from behind a big green bush.

He said "I wan that cookie! I want them all."

Princess Lorelei said "I would love to share with you if only you said please. Mind your manners."

The big bad wolf looked very sad when Princess Lorelei asked the big bad wolf to come over and play at grandmas. She offered some cookies and tea. The big bad wolf blushed and started to smile and said "All I ever wanted was a friend and now I have two."

They all walked up to the door when Grandma came out. Princess Lorelei introduced the big bad wolf to grandma.

"Big Bad Wolf this is Grandma. Grandma this is Big Bad Wolf."

"It's very nice to meet you Big Bad Wolf. Would you like to come in for cookies and tea?" Asked grandma.

The big bad wolf being so happy said please and thank you and ate all the hot cookies and warm tea he wanted.

They lived happily ever after. THE END

As much as it may seem that our stories are silly or don't make all that much sense our kids love them. When we share something creative and don't feel ashamed by what we come up with our kids will gleam with confidence when they try. After all if mom and dad do it so can they.

Make up your own story. Relax a little and have a good time with your kids! Good luck! Oh, and a little note. Try to remember what you have said, because they will ask for it again.

Inspiration for my story was from The Little Red Riding Hood, author Brothers Grimm and Dora the Explorer on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

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