Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Straight From My Three Year old Daughter

Speaking of her dog after snatching a chicken nugget from her "Mom. Bonesy doesn't know it isn't coplite (polite) to take food from peoples hands. I think he belongs in a zoo. Sorry mom. He belongs in a zoo."

"Dad. Why does that Barn not have cows in it?" Said my three year old girl.
"Because it holds tools." Said Dad.
"Why does it hold tools?"
"Because there are different types of barns. Some hold stuff and some hold animals."
"Dad. Are their cows in that barn?"

On a drive to her grandpa's. "When you see a broken house (old barn) say 'BROKEN HOUSE!' " Every few minutes we heard "BROKEN HOUSE!"

"Mom 'H' (one year old sister) is standing up in her high chair. Mom! Did you see her. Mom. 'H' is standing up in her high chair." One day I had to grab something from the kitchen and I asked my three year old to tell me if her sister stood up. Well, I asked for it and regretted the very second I did.

We have been hearing a lot of the "why" lately. One has been why she needs to go to bed and where the sun goes. After explaining it to her this is what she said. "The Earth goes in a circle. The sun stays." She balls her fists to show me the sun and the Earth. "Mom. Can we go up and see the Earth spin?"

"Mom. I don't want H to win. I don't want H to win the race and go to sleep before me." Honestly expressing how upset she was by losing the race against her one year old sister until it dawned on her that it's better to stay up a few minutes later.

"Mom I had a very great time playing with H in the bath. I was so ca-sited (excited)." After her first bath with her sister since I tried it when H was a couple months old.

"Good night mom. I had a very fun day with you!"

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