Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get Crafty

Beautiful and gorgeous are the best descriptions of the lake view out of my window today. It's calm and just gorgeous. It makes me want to just dive right in and stay forever. (That is if I didn't have an odd fear of deep water, but I still love the water none the less.) As gorgeous as it is outside Lorelei wanted to do some craft projects today.

I promptly started grabbing ribbon, glue, feathers, cut out shapes and whatever else I could get my hands on just in case it was needed. I had my mother drop off some grocery type paper bags from a local store earlier in the day so we were already prepared. We already have numbers of feathers that have been collected and on display in my daughters room.

Think back to either your days in kindergarten or your children's. You probably remember the early days of learning letters and coloring. Learning to share and play house. One thing I remember was our day of pow wow. We made the head bands and vests with many decorations and sat down on the floor to eat rice off of small plates with our fingers.

I was not prepared with the rice today, but the project. Lorelei helped cut the fringe at the bottom of the medium sized paper bag after I had cut the slit all the way from the top of the bag straight through the bottom. I cut out a circle for the head in what was the bottom of the bag and opened the bag to make the arm holes.

Ready to decorate, Lorelei covered the bag with glue and started gluing on shapes. She colored on it with markers to make a design and we glued on a ribbon. She really wanted to put glitter on it, but I was too nervous about it being consumed by my smallest child and ending up on the floor. It's different when it's on a project she's going to end up wearing.

I think the bow was her favorite part. She tried to tie it into a bow herself many times and I was enjoying her immense concentration.

This is the beginning of putting the ribbon on and
Lorelei just getting the idea to tie it into a pretty bow.

Ah. A pretty bow indeed.

Lorelei loves these stamps by Melissa and Doug. Their products are amazing.

She called herself "A Feather Princess."
I think that is a wonderful name.

The project was fun and the outfit is silly. I think she enjoyed making and seeing it the first time than actually wanting to play in it, but the look on her face when she was done and running to the mirror was priceless.

I recently (always really) went through some old pictures and I noticed a few pictures that needed to make it out of their vault. Here are a few things I've missed sharing with you.

Hannah's cool trick.

I am more than impressed by Lorelei's Father's Day card. I had to write in what it was that she drew. I wrote down everything she told me to as well.

The Front. I cut out the letters and sat them down on the table so she knew how to spell it and she glued them on. She chose yellow for the stars and colored on the paper before I cut the stars out. I also helped put the glue down and she put down the glitter.

For other project ideas please check out Potato Stamps and also click here.


  1. I saw your photo on The Paper Mama but it didn't link anywhere so I didn't know how to come over and tell you how much I loved your photo. I want to see more so I'm following you now. And it looks like we're a part of the same circles. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you so much. I am new to blogging and I just love it. I don't think I added my picture right either. I hope to enter the next photo contest and I will be sure to check out your blog as well. Thanks again!


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