Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sharing is Caring

We have been pretty busy around here lately. I'm dropping in to say hello and share a little bit of what we have been up to. I will post pictures maybe tomorrow. We have a festival in town so we have been out and about enjoying it as well as the company of family and friends.

I have just been having a blast and I know the girls have too. Lorelei has been talking about every experience, friend and family member. She was so excited to ride carnival rides by herself as well. Oh the joy on her face. I wouldn't have missed that for the world. She skipped and danced her way off of those rides like she was a fairy princess.

She even got to meet a couple Princesses the other day as well. She met Snow White and got a picture with her as well as meeting Jasmine. She wanted to meet Cinderella, but she seemed to be unavailable.

Kids day was a blast and I was very happy to see all of the free activities for the kids. They could run from game to game and watch shows and get balloon hats and animals. She got her face painted with a butterfly and a hippo on the other cheek (leave it to my girl to stump the poor high school student who volunteered to paint children's cheeks).

This morning was the parade too. That was great. I loved watching Hannah wave at everyone and she started bobbing her head to some of the marching bands music. So cute to see. Lorelei really liked the marching bands too. She has been telling me that she wants to be in a high school marching band when she grows up.

We are still not finished yet. We are going to have a BBQ in a bit with friends and try to make it to the fireworks and more carnival rides tonight! I'll keep you posted and I will share pictures of our adventures soon!

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