Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Strong Willed Fingers and Toes

From head to toe. From fingers to toes, my little girls can be strong willed. Miss Hannah has been insisting on watching Elmo on my lap top as soon as it gets moved to the table while her sister Lorelei seems to be strong willed at any given moment. My girls are beautiful from head to toe and are very sensitive and thoughtful girls, but they sure didn't miss out on that stubborn gene.  

Shutter Love: Strong
Hannah's computing fingers (the mouse is turned off, and backwards for that matter.) She is watching Elmo with a guest "Will I am."

the long road

Simplicity: Feet
Lorelei and her strong willed toes moved everything off of the bench (with her little sisters help) and made herself at home. She is also sporting a unique and beautiful outfit she chose for herself.

Have a happy Wednesday! 
(As if there were any other kind.)

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  1. Wonderful photos. Love that second one.

  2. Don't you love it when they pick out their own clothes? I have to grit my teeth sometimes when Wyatt wants to wear his Hulk or Spiderman costume over his clothes...out the door!

    Lovely work, as always. Precious commentary.

  3. Aw, that's too cute! Now I need to go search for Elmo's "Will I am" for my little love munchkin! (visiting from Live and Love Out Loud) :)

  4. I have to laugh at the stubbornness - I've got that gene too!

  5. The subtle funniness of the first photo is just great!

    Happy WW~

  6. I really love that first photo! such great DOF and such a cute story!

  7. LOVE both of those shots! Princess Nagger inherited a stubborn streak from both the hubby and I. Poor kid was doomed from the start. ;)

    WW: Dragon Princess

  8. Lovely B&W photo!! Happy top have found you to follow!!

  9. My kids got the stubborn gene too. Love these photos.

  10. pretty little feet.


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