Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spooky Binoculars for Kids

Unfortunately for Lorelei she had to stay home sick today while Daddy and Hannah went out. We are also missing a local festival full of apples, pony rides, crafts and a petting zoo plus so much more. That makes me sad as well, but hopefully we can get up and out to make the festival on its last day tomorrow.

Now onto what we did this morning just the two of us. We were first introduced to the project by Jennifer during preschool and Lorelei wanted to make it again! (I think that's a pretty good project if a kiddo wants to do it again.) 

I scavenged through the craft cupboard to find these items:

We did pull out a glue stick to help the binoculars stick to the felt. And yes to all of you wondering if that is my kiddo on the table. Shhhh...don't tell her father! Too funny. I thought it would be okay this time considering the climbing one year old wasn't here to see it happen.

After Lorelei glued the toilet paper rolls to the felt using a glue stick/wet glue combo I cut the excess, but left just a bit. It looked like this:

I cut slits where I needed them and folded them in. In the end I wasn't thrilled and I wanted to use the stapler, but Lorelei thought it would ruin it. We left it like this:

We used some spooky decorations to give them a Halloween feel. (This is all we are talking about in our house as well as watching a lot of scary Scooby Doo episodes from back in the day. Today she was watching one and she said "I'm a little scared, but I like it." To each his own I guess.) Here is what the binoculars looked like:

This is after I added a loop to hang it. (Why do words leave me know what I mean..a loop.)

Viola. Lorelei loves them! Here is my pajama clad, at home sick three year old Lorelei in love with her new set of binoculars. She even wanted to sleep with them at nap time.

What do you think? Please leave any other craft ideas or links to something you have done with your preschool and toddlers. I would love to give it a try! Thanks!


  1. These are so great! I think we might just have to make another pair for halloween also!

  2. It was fun and Lorelei absolutely loves them! Thanks again for the idea!


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