Friday, October 22, 2010

Sky Watch Friday: Through the Pumpkins

I took this shot just under a week ago (last Sunday) with today's post in mind. I also took a side shadow shot for another post (Scavenger Hunt Sunday). I am really learning to think ahead these days. I hope you like this capture! Please enjoy and check out more sky watch shots by clicking the button below. Have fun and have a great weekend!

Skywatch Friday

Oh, and if you haven't seen this one, Fly Away Home is currently my most viewed Sky Watch capture. Take a look if you'd like!


  1. Ha Ha Very seasonal. It has been a long time since I have seen a pumpkin.

  2. I have to start thinkining ahead when I am taking my photos!

  3. I think ahead for the blog every day. I am glad you found this beautiful sky sight. You did a very nice job adding the pumpkins. They make it more interesting. Great idea.

  4. I love the pumpkins against the sunset sky!!

  5. Wonderful shot - so pretty!

  6. Beautiful SkyWatch posting!
    thank you for sharing this beautiful photo work

    Happy SWF! Have a good weekend,

    Regards, Bram

    My SkyWatch on WordPress

    Seen on Sky Watch Friday, Season 4, Episode 14

  7. Very nice & very colorful!

  8. Thank you everyone. Yes, I was aiming for creativity and contrast between the two. I'm happy that you all like the capture! Thanks again!

  9. What a beautiful shot. You get me every time with that scenery.


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