Friday, October 22, 2010

Macro Friday: A Pine Cone

First I would like to share that I did certainly blank on a name. Pine Cone, eh. What a creative Title. Anyway here is my lazy shot of a pine cone. This pine cone is one (and two) of the pine cones brought into the house by Miss Lorelei and I set it in my potpourri. Too funny. I also have to share that I very rarely take my camera away from home and I am now realizing this fact. If I do take it I rarely take it out for pictures. Too busy I guess. I don't know how mommies with more kiddos do it! Well, to the point. Please enjoy my pine cone capture(s) I took about fifteen minutes ago!

This is the capture I am choosing (with the help of my three year old, she likes it too) for my Macro Friday entry. What do you think?


  1. I like your pine cones....I found one too and your favorite is much better than what I came up with. Very nice.

  2. I think these are great, but I think the one you chose is best. You can see the most detail in it, and it is lovely.

  3. Thank you Dorian and Lisa! I'm glad you liked them. I shot these on a whim. I did not know what to use today and I have been bragging about preparing for challenges and I forgot to take a macro. I'm happy it worked out!

  4. I agree, the one you chose is the best - they are all great shots.


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