Friday, November 12, 2010

The Good Times Missed and Shared

Okay, wow. So the last time we "spoke" was October 23. I feel like I've let you down. Oh, what am I kidding. Yes I have heard a few jokes about how exhausted I must be because I'm not blogging or how my reading material has been missed (thanks by the way) and a few other comments about my lack of blogging. The truth is...are you ready for this? I'll be honest with you. Yes there are some nights where I "pass out" on the couch at 8:15 when my husband is putting Lorelei to bed and some days I'm just so exhausted I stare at the wall until I finally tell myself I should be in bed, but the number one reason I have not been blogging is every time I even sneeze in the direction of the computer my husband would jump on it like it was some kind of race to win.

I will say he did attempt a solution of fixing up the lap top for me to use and I just haven't cracked it open. If we are being really honest there are some nights he is on both, but I digress. (I love you sweetie!) Here are some of the things I have missed sharing. Enjoy!

A Gorgeous Hair Cut (By Mom of Course):



Some Adorable Pig Tails

Super Yummy Halloween Cookies

Trick or Treating Fun

 Visiting Family

 A Super Long Car Ride..

Bounce, Bounce

 A Very Large Chainsaw (and an amazed husband)

A Helpful Sister

A Smiley Face

A Silly Face


A Gracious Sister-In-Law 
(She let us bunk at her house during our surprise/unexpected visit. Thank you!)

Chuck E. Cheese's

Ice Cream in Tennessee

A Walk in Franklin, TN

Three Cousins and A Grandpa

Now that I've shown you all these photos I have some bad news. My camera, My Nikon the wonderful DSLR that it is finally decided to bite the dust. Just after we got home from our trip out to see family it decided it no longer wanted to work. I'm okay with this I guess. I do still have my (uhum yucky) point and shoot Nikon and the DSLR was thrown down by Hannah almost a year ago and went through some snap, crackle and pop repairs from the local photo shop so it was time I guess.

I hope I have more shots to show you in the following weeks. Oh and when I finished I realized I did not watermark my photos. I leave you with a not so warm and fuzzy reminder DO NOT COPY. PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED AND ARE PROPERTY OF ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DIAPER.

Okay, I can't leave you that way. I hope you had a wonderful week and please enjoy your weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have missed your blog! Sorry to hear about your camera! I feel for you with the point and shoot... It looks like you guys had a great trip and the girls are adorable as always :) The first 3 pictures are my favorites! Have a great weekend!

  2. dont feel to bad for her ladies :) its just a good excuse for her to get that d7000! oh and i promise to give her a little blog time.

    her computer hogging husband!

  3. Thank you Rochelle and Jenn. I'm bummed about the camera, but I will be okay. Even more okay if Matt buys me this camera he speaks of.

    Honestly I have no idea what my "computer hogging husband" is talking about. What a sense of humor you goob. I love you anyway.

  4. We loved having you guys here!!! I just wish I had been able to take off to spend more time with you. Oh and thanks for cleaning up! I think our house was cleaner when I got home Friday than when you guys got in Tuesday night! HA!

  5. So sorry to hear of your camera!!! Welcome back to blogging!! You've been missed! :)

  6. Thank you Julie, for having us. I had a great time and I loved that all the kids got to be together! Well, maybe you'll have to plan a trip our way soon! Summer is pretty nice up here! *Wink

    I'm glad to be back. I'm not sure how much I'll be on, but it is very nice to blog once and a while! Thanks!


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