Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simplicity Photo Challenge: Water

So I almost went to my faucet and took a picture of dripping water because I am honestly not sure if my lake photos are getting old or not. I love them and I love being lazy enough to open up the door and take a few shots (while the kids run out quickly onto the patio and I swoop them back up to get away from the wind and chill of the morning). I mostly take morning shots simply because I think it's more beautiful. The color seems to be more refreshing and vibrant. I did edit these photos a little bit by brightening them up and saturating the color (a bit more in the first than the second. I believe I took a little shadow out of the second to show off the beauty of the lake color). So here they are, my lake shot for the photo challenge water. My favorite and pick is the first shot. I tried to at least get you a different angle. I hope you like!

My favorite of the two:

The more traditional straight on:
(Okay, with a little angle in there. I had to get those clouds)

For more water shots please take a look at Simplicity. Click below:

(And yes, now that I look at these photos together I'm not sure which one I like. Hmmm..I'm not a good decision maker....can you tell?)


  1. Oh so pretty and bright, love them both.

  2. They're both beautiful....but I'm partial to the first!

  3. Oh they are both so pretty! Look at those clouds! I kind of prefer the second one, the lines are so peaceful. So glad you participated :)

  4. Thank you ladies! I loved those clouds. I moved just right to capture them. They are peaceful.I also like the first shot because of the depth and the angle.

  5. I like your first one the best too. I love the clouds in both thought so pretty. I just love when clouds have that pink tone.

  6. These are gorgeous..I would love to have that view!

  7. Your photo was coosen to be in my TOP 5
    Vote for your favorite!

  8. Thank you Everyone!

    I'm so glad you like my photo Faith! I'm honored to have been picked. Thank you so much!


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