Saturday, October 16, 2010

Flowers on Saturday: Flowers That Think for Themselves

My first Flowers on Saturday entry and I'm enjoying it! This shot was taken while I was out wandering with Miss Lorelei while Hannah was out running errands with her Dad. Out of all of the rocks stood these few flowers all alone and I thought it was beautiful. (The title...too weird?) I hope you like the capture!

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Blueberry craft and hobby time


  1. very pretty scenery. love the shot you took.

  2. The whole scene adds to its loveliness! Beautiful!!! :O)

  3. Amazing how plants can find the slightest little nook and cranny to start growing from. I used to love poping those snapdragon flower heads as a child. Great shot.

  4. I really like the entire scene here. The flowers are so colorful and rich. Wonderfully composed.

  5. I love that touch of color amongst the drab rocks :)

  6. I really found it beautiful! I love that they found their own little spot and grew against all odds. How wonderful. I am glad you liked my shot everyone! Thanks for the comments!

  7. Hiya Nicole,

    Boy, they must have the will to live.
    Fancy making their way through all that rock :-)
    Is it within your garden boundaries?

  8. they look really so pretty among these rocks!!
    thanks for linking:)
    I hope you haveing a great day!

  9. Joco, they must. They are very beautiful, but I have to admit they are not mine. I lack the green thumb it would take to keep any plant alive.

    Ewa, thank you for hosting!

  10. That's a beautiful shot. I love how the background adds just the right color and texture to the shot.

    Erika B


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