Monday, August 9, 2010

Pink and Purple Panda Puppet

After a long weekend of camping, hiking, the beach, playgrounds and so many other fun stuff with family and their dad the girls were quite tired. They fell straight to sleep last night right on time and even slept in a little bit this morning. My coffee didn't taste all that great this morning so I have made a mental note to change the filter (or kindly ask my loving husband).

Hannah fell back to sleep very early for her morning nap so Lorelei and I played and made Lincoln Log cabins. After nap Hannah was up and ready for a snack. Grapes and Froot Loops were the snack of choice today. While I was getting our pink and purple panda puppet set up Lorelei played with stickers and stamps.

The high chair must have bored Hannah because she quickly wanted down while I was still working on the project with Lorelei. Lorelei enjoyed the project and took it very seriously. She told me everything the panda needed and I cut out the shapes and she glued the pieces on. Lorelei's mid joy I hear a "sploosh" sound. This sound was half of the bag of Froot Loops splooshing to the ground from Hannah's tiny and capable hands. Apparently she is getting taller and can reach more places.

Here are some pictures of the project we worked on this morning, the pink and purple panda puppet and Hannah's personal project that she decided to work on.

Checking out the progress of her puppet. Pretty good if you ask me. She glued after I cut out the pieces she said we needed and we added google eyes.

When she got done and started playing with it she decided she wanted arms and legs too.

While I was cutting out the legs and arms this is what Hannah did to entertain herself. Froot loops. Yum.

Gluing on her arms and legs to finish off her panda. She wanted to keep his belly brown, but in the end we cut out a round belly to finish him off.

Finishing the project. I might suggest cutting out the shapes ahead of time to avoid any confusion with siblings and what they might be up to, but I really enjoyed it and I think Lorelei did too. She kept comparing him to her stuffed panda. What do you think? Does it look like a panda?

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