Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo Contest Hosted by The Paper Mama

The new photo challenge on The Paper Mama's blog has the theme orange! I absolutely love the color orange and own a few orange shirts myself. For the girls I was quite surprised to realize they don't own all that much orange stuff. Although the more I looked around the more I saw the color. It's beautiful isn't it. Okay, so I know a lot of you don't like orange, but it's always been amongst my favorites.

I came home last night and gave the girls orange popsicles on the patio and started shooting away. At the last minute I picked a flower and put it in Hannah's hair, but she just wanted to dig in the flower pots and play. I bribed Lorelei with a cookie as a reward if she'd let me take a few photos. A cookie is a mom's best tool I believe. It's close with a sucker for sure. Funny to think I just admitted this being that before children I thought it was a horrible idea to "bribe" children, but in the end I really like to call it positive affirmation or being rewarded for good behavior.

Lorelei did beautifully. She sat on her slide and put the flower in her hair and became the perfect model right away. After all she really wanted that chocolate cookie her grandparents sent home with her. She definitely earned it I would say. There were so many fantastic photos to choose from and in the end I chose this photo because it's beautiful and serene at the same time. The colors and crop weren't edited. It's naturally beautiful just as my daughter Lorelei. I love the beauty and calm she is giving off and her wild post play hair.

Check out the photo contest and enter your own photo.

The Paper Mama

I am also continuing the thirty day blog challenge.



  1. What an adorable little girl. Cute picture.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Whenever I have trouble deciding which pic should be first someone always seems to like the one I didn't choose better. It's always a struggle.

    Your daughters are beautiful and I love the phot on your header.


  3. How funny! I come here and comment on hos much I love youe header photo and you're doing the same thing at the same moment.

    Great minds!

    I'm your newest follower.


  4. I know what you mean. My husband liked another photo better, but in the end I didn't think I would be happy if I chose any other. Something about this one I liked. I was also going to post other possibilities, but I didn't want anyone to like the others better. I do like your choice though. It's the best. You made a good decision. The other one is a strong second though.

    That's too funny. Thank you!

  5. love this picture... and since you are talking about it - your header picture is perfect.

  6. Thank you Nessa. You are very kind!

  7. Your girls are so cute! There's nothing wrong with a well placed bribe now and then. Half the pictures I have of my girls they are eating suckers because they had to have them before I got done shooting!

  8. That's too funny. I have a picture of Hannah, my one year old gooey from a sucker out at a restaurant. She would not sit still and that was the only thing that worked. The food takes so long to come out.

    Thanks for the compliment Amy!


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