Saturday, August 14, 2010

Taking a Moment to Blog

Hot like a sauna. I can't explain it any other way. The kids went to their grandparents today and spent some time with their older cousin who they absolutely adore. Hannah even warmed up to her a bit. Lorelei has been waiting to see her cousin and got to spend some time with her at our house yesterday.

Swimming the lake with her cousin Lorelei rarely ever goes in this deep and only if the waves are calm. She will actually look down at the water when I suggest the beach and say "Wait mom. I have to look. Okay. Yep. We can go to the beach. It's calm today." Keep in mind Lorelei is three years of age.

Pebble searching. Hannah loves to find rocks and throw them into the lake. By that I mean she braves the waves and runs quickly up to toss her rock which may or may not make it into the water.

Walking the beach is great exercise for the girls and it really tuckers them out for a good nap. Yes I did just say "tuckers."

Marching the tides and coming back in. I never used to have to wear a swimsuit down to the beach because my girls never actually went swimming. Yes I got wet and sandy but I never went past my knees. Now I need to be prepared.

Lorelei with her cousin. She did a wonderful job watching her today playing with her, helping her go down for a nap and even using the potty. I think I have a baby sitter in making and she isn't even a teenager yet.

I don't like posting family photos without consent, but I do think I got some wonderful photos I will try to e-mail out to my family. I did however forget my camera going to the in-laws today. I was bummed and my husband thought I was nuts. Apparently he thinks I don't need to take the camera everywhere, but personally I think it's a beautiful accessory. *she says with a smile

Today had some missed moments that didn't make it to my sd card, but it was fun none the less. Yes, even without taking too many pictures. The girls ran and played and I was hot and exhausted. I would like to now take a moment to edit my blog a little and maybe change my layout. Who knows what you might find right? Keep checking back and it might be completely new or you might need a magnifying glass, but either way adjustments are being made.

Please bare with me I'm still learning and thank you for reading. Please keep in touch!


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