Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Lets Play Catch Up" A Letter From Yours Truly

Okay, so I have to say that I have been very intrigued by the new possibilities I have come upon with all of these photo challenges. I haven't ever really taken notice to having any kind of skill level with photography and never thought I would be so pleased with taking "that" good shot. At any rate, I am very much so interested in photos these days. So much so that it seems like my content has just gone down the pooper.

Not that photos aren't great content, but I feel like my blog has been steered into a corner. My journey has lead me astray from a "MOM BLOG" and more into a "Photo Blog" or "PHLOG" if you will. (This will be the only time you hear me say "PHLOG".)

The photo challenges have filled a void. I was missing some beauty in my life and now I have found photos, but since I feel my sharing is lacking I will share some updates on my life as of lately.

Lorelei is sharing some hilarious stuff these days. Oh, and she is so smart. As her great grandpa said over the weekend "not smart, intelligent." The things she says are just priceless. I tell you, she has already passed me by. I talk to myself often and she likes to answer me. She is always right.

Hannah is trying to talk more and more every day. She will be fifteen months on the fifth so she has her own "Hannah language," but it is cute as ever. Her facial expressions are priceless. She of course loves to run and laugh and laugh if you chase her. She does not like french fries or to stay in the swings for long. She will how ever over eat her big sister at the dinner table any night.

As for me I have been my regular happy fun loving, mom self. Okay, so I have been a little crabby especially after vacationing on the farm. Oh how I miss the birds song in the morning sun. I love living on the lake, but I so miss walking outside in my pajamas and looking like a fool without anyone staring at me or gabbing. Does that sound antisocial?

And as for my husband he is working his hiney off as usual. If it weren't for him and his hard work I wouldn't be able to be home with my girls everyday, teaching them, caring for them, hugging them and making sure everything is okay. He is my rock and he is my equal, and without him I would not know where I would be.

And to those of you who enjoy my photos I already have some ideas in mind for tomorrow. I hope you enjoy! Please forgive me to the ones who enjoy my written word as I have been dazzled by the photo challenges. I would like to think it happens to the best of us. I promise I will be back on track soon and will get back to my sharing self.

Thanks again! Please enjoy my pretty photos as well as my pretty words.


Photo by, My Father-in-law (Thank you)

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