Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In A Yellow House Photo Challenge: Arts n Crafts

In A Yellow House Photo Challenge is all about Arts and Crafts and if you are familiar with my blog you know I like to create stuff with my daughters. Be it cards, cakes, doll beds, doll houses, buses, potato stamps, puppets, and all kinds of other stuff it's all fun.

For this challenge I chose Lorelei's little fingers holding her potato stamp. The butterfly was her favorite stamp out of a duck, dot and a heart.

Check out In A Yellow House Photo Challenge for more photos and to enter your own.

I'm also continuing the thirty day challenge.



  1. Cute!!! I've always wanted to try potato stamping!

  2. looks like fun craft to do, I have to try that with my daughter!
    I'm your new follower

  3. Thank you! It is fun. Lorelei, my three year old daughter just loved the idea. "I can paint on food!"

    Thank you Ewa!

    I posted our first experience with potato stamping not too long ago as well. Take a look!

  4. Hey - did you link this up? I don't think I saw it earlier. Anyways, it's a wonderful shot! I haven't done these in forever.

  5. Oh I hope I did it right Ashley. Apparently I'm not so tech savvy.

    Thank you for the compliment. I really had fun with it, but I think Lorelei liked it even more. She was elated by the idea of painting on food and I always wanted to try this so it worked out.

  6. Such a sweet moment...and I love the colors!

  7. Thank you Dina. I really enjoy crafting with the girls.


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