Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pat a Cake Pat a Cake Lorelei Baked Me a Cake

So being the mommy and the one who bakes the cakes for the family I just assumed I would either buy a cake (for the girls to enjoy of course) or bake it myself. Before I even let that marinate Lorelei offered up her baking expertise. She was super excited and wanted to bake her mama a cake!

Here is a little preview of how wonderful the cake was. Hannah enjoying every bite of her slice of yummy cake! It was delicious and beautiful.

Here is Lorelei giving off her mischievous grin. She could not believe I was giving her permission to crack an egg. She quite enjoyed the idea and enjoyed the cracking even more. She was very gentle and it took a few whacks to get the job done, but the joy was evident the whole time!

CRACK! She didn't even get a shell in the mix. Of course we cracked the eggs first before putting anything in the bowl. I can thank my girlfriends and mother for the advice on that one.

Eeeer. I helped with this part just a little bit. I also had to help with measurements and reading the directions of course. You should have seen her face when I handed her everything and said go ahead. She was so sad. "But mom I can't do it all by myself." Don't worry it didn't get her down for too long. As soon as we got started she kept telling her sister that she was baking her mommy a cake. So proud.

Decorating the cake is a serious job. She did want to make me a ladybug cake, but I was not prepared with everything to accomplish that goal. Maybe next time.

My beautiful cake by my three year old daughter. Candles and lighting by my wonderful husband. I even got to hear "Happy Birthday to you. You live in a zoo....." Of course she thinks it's a compliment because monkey's are cute and smell like bananas. ;)

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