Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

We went for a walk today and ended up at our local Library. I had a wonderful morning with my girls and I hope you enjoy some of the pictures in black and white. (The walk was about three hours with plenty of time to stop and smell the flowers.)

the long road


  1. these are great black and white photos, looks like you had great day with the girls:)

  2. So cute ~ gotta love those sweet cheeks!


  3. Beautiful shots! It's just so nice to be able to let the little ones do things in their own time. It usually makes for great outings and adventures.

    Erika B

  4. Thank you Ewa. We had a great time! It's always nice spending time with the girls outside of the house.

    Thank you Jo. Cute chubby cheeks are the best aren't they.

    EB thank you! I try my best to give them their space and them explore. It's always more fun for everyone.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Love those pinchable cheeks!!!


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