Friday, April 1, 2011

Flowers on Saturday

Ewa is back and hosting Flowers on Saturday and I am happy to join in the fun. Make sure to congratulate Ewa on her new and upcoming addition. Look around Blueberry Craft and Hobby to see what I mean!

Blueberry craft and hobby time

I am planning on having more flowers on Monday too! I'm working on a lot of things right now for my blog. Of course I can't miss Sunday's Scavenger Hunt (my hunt is in progress) and am still hosting Theme Thursday (linky still open) with the Theme water. I think I might even be ready for next weeks Theme Thursday, A Touch of Spring. Nope, it's not a flower! You'll have to come back and see. Thank you for stopping by!

Please feel free to look around.

For my last Flowers on Saturday entry click here.
For information on Theme Thursday click here.
For the current Theme Thursday water click here.
For my Scavenger Hunt captures click here.


  1. So bright and pretty! Wowza!!! :O)

  2. Oh WOW love the colors. All around GREAT PHOTO!!!

  3. Is that a lily? That shade of yellow is just gorgeous! =)

    There are so many photo challenges to keep up, eh? My head is spinning! :)

  4. Love the bright colour!

    Sunny hugs... Anna

  5. Your picture is so pretty and bright. Love the look of your blog.
    Hope you have a great Saturday.

  6. Awesome shot. Feel like the flower is beckoning to me to caress it. What bright colour!

  7. stunning colour, thanks for your lovely words,
    I see your hosting a photo meme as well,I will have to catch up on all these new photo challanges now

  8. I'm so happy you all liked this! For some reason I don't feel like I have the eye for flowers, but since they are in my house right now I have been taking advantage of every second with them! There are a lot of captures in my folders now!


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