Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Theme Thursday: Water

Another Theme Thursday. Our third Theme Thursday to be exact. This weeks theme is "Water." If you're not familiar with Theme Thursday I'll explain. My friend Jennifer from A Beautiful Life and I decided we wanted to compare photos. That's always fun! We pick a theme and we go out during the week and capture it. We're sharing our themes and photos with you every week on Thursday (the link stays up all week). 

We'd love to have you if you wish to link up your own water shot! Please share whatever your heart desires  and be as creative as you wish (in a family oriented way of course). It's always enjoyable to see what you really want to show us. The only thing holding you is the same theme as us and that's water! Have fun!

Water: by Another Day Another Diaper
Carnation. Today I spritzed my flowers with water. I actually had a hard time picking a shot today. I had an adorable picture of Miss Hannah enjoying the pool and even ducks swimming in the lake, but in the end (after a lot of viewing and changing my mind) I chose my flower.

Water: by A Beautiful Life

So what do you think? Link up if  you'd like. Sharing is always the right thing to do. At least that's what I tell my kids. Don't forget to pick up your button before you leave. Also, be sure to take a look at Jennifer's blog. She has a lot of wonderful captures, recipes and fun kids stuff too! Have fun and thank you for participating! 

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Another Day Another Diaper

Next weeks theme is A Touch of Spring.
Look Here for future themes and details.

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Let's not forget last weeks Active interpretations! Now I want to share my favorite shot from last week and thank everyone who participated, commented and even viewed! If the participants keep going up we'll be able to post top five "favorites" or "winners" so thank you everyone! Also, make sure to check out A Beautiful Life and see what photo Jennifer chose for her Feature. My favorite capture for "Active" from last weeks Theme Thursday is...

WyTography for Active
Well, I don't think I could love this picture more! I love his outfit as well as his "thinking face!" He is definitely active with his school work here. How great is that! If you haven't taken a look at WyTography's blog yet you definitely should! 

Wytography, please feel free to take home your Featured button!

Another Day Another Diaper

Oh, what the heck....
...a little extra water inspiration. Why? Because I caved and I have to share. This is Miss Hannah swimming and not letting go of her pacifier!


  1. What a wonderful surprise to hop over and see that you've picked my Pooky Bear as your favorite! Thank you! I hope no one gets tired of looking at him...I'm about to link up my water picture now!

  2. Very cute water photo!!! I think the ninny...that is what we called pacifiers, add an even cuter look to the photo.

  3. Wow. That flower with the water drops is gorgeous. I love the little swimmer too. Sweet : ) I can hardly wait until it is time for summer and swimming and non stop sun again!

  4. Gorgeous flower photo.

  5. Thank you everyone! I'm happy Theme Thursday is being well received!

    WyTography, I love your photo of you little guy! Great capture! (I saw your new one this week and I love that one too! Great job!)

  6. I love your water shots! Very awesome. The flower shot is gorgeous!


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