Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Monday From Morning Until Nap

We have done a handful of activities. I actually wish I could show you more of our antics from today, but I don't want to give anything away for the rest of the week, but please check out the collage below for some of our activities. (I'm not sure how I feel about the collage, but today wasn't completely about the photos. The next couple of days will be though. You can also check out my previous post for today too!)

  • The girls played in their pajamas and we had a dance party.
  • We made paper puppets. 2 puppets: 1 Tiger (I helped Hannah), 1 Dolphin (Lorelei's)
  • We played with Play Dough. While playing in play dough Hannah learned to say "Butterfly." 
  • The girls painted their own Tinker Belle pictures on their easel.
  • Matt hang up the girls art boards and we hung the paintings. The old way was scotch tape. This is much prettier. We also put up the girls wall stickers they got from Grandma.
  • I took pictures for Theme Thursday while the girls put on a show. Lorelei (and Hannah) were very curious of the tripod. Lorelei explained she would like one for her camera.
  • The girls were sneaky and got outside while I was trying for more light. Within about 30 seconds they flew back in the door. It's still winter here.
  • Lorelei taught bones a few tricks for treats.
  • There's more. For instance, cartoons, potty training, meals, snacks...etc. Oh, and I almost forgot the tea party.
Today has Been a Busy Day!

Manic Monday

I packed in a lot today and the day isn't even over with. Keep a look out this week for some of the shots from today! Also, if you're interested in Theme Thursday  please feel free to take a look.


  1. I love the collage! What a fun idea! Now i can't wait to see what you have for the week!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. It was a last minute idea to collage the pictures from the day, but I like it!


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