Monday, June 7, 2010

All Good Things Come to an End

Another bedtime in my household has arrived yet again. "Why" asks my three year old. The answer: "because all good things have to come to an end." A beautiful, but chilly day in my neighborhood and shots for the little one today. My oldest who just turned three had to make sure, on our way to the doctors office that it in fact was not hers but her sisters turn to "get poked."

The beautiful and kind girl that she is, she had to make sure that her little sister had a "cuddly" to take with her to make it okay. "I know. Maybe I can let her share my bear and it'll make it all better. I know. Right?" Unfortunately the bear did little for the one year olds emotional outburst after four shots, two in one leg. Yes, count them four. Although as a mother I more than allow the mere four shots over the possibility of a major illness.

The nurse sat me down before the shots to explain why and what they are for just as I am sure she does with all patients. I always reassure her that I have read and understand, but always choose what's right for us and that is the vaccine. Unfortunately for the child they don't quite understand the pain will resolve and mommy just wants what's best. Maybe when they get older I suppose.

In other news, my oldest is quite involved in dressing and undressing herself numerous times throughout the day. Most of the outfits were an attempt at looking like a princess. I do say she picked some glamorous combinations and I commend her effort and gorgeous choices. She is definitely a character.

A character indeed. One who loved dancing to two Michaels today. Michael Buble and none other than Michael Jackson. She definitely came up with her own very creative moves, which I do enjoy watching. If only we had the video for Thriller I'm sure she would learn every move in an instant. Although the video might not be for three year olds eyes.

All is well that ends well I say. Kids are in bed and tomorrow will be a delightful day with Grandma. Hopefully I wont forget "Let's talk Tuesdays." Let me know if you have anything on your mind and I will be posting a subject tomorrow, even if it is a one way conversation. It might be inventive, but I'm sure you will enjoy it none-the-less.

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