Monday, March 14, 2011

Girls, Show Me Your Moves

Little Miss Hannah at age 1 1/2 was showing me some of her moves. This was the same day we got the trampoline out and let the kids jump around in the living room. This is also from the same group I got my "under" shot from for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This was before the exhaustion. I hope you enjoy my edit of this shot. Unfortunately I had my 55-250 lens on so I couldn't zoom out all that much, but I got it!


The Edit:

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I've also been working on getting more moves from the kiddos for Theme Thursday. It's so cute, but it's not easy to capture a moving child.

Trendy Treehouse Entry: Emotions
The girls were playing and laughing while Hannah reached in for the hug.


Sweet Shot & Happiness Entry:
This is a sweet shot for two reasons. I can't believe I got the shot of Lorelei saying "Bones, roll over" and getting him rolling over in the same shot while she actually looks like she is saying it. Also, how cute is my tutu clad daughter directing her dog.
Sweet Shot Day


  1. these are all just adorable!!!

  2. Sweet photo! They are just darlin'!

  3. HA!! That does look like some impressive dance moves!

  4. Super cute tutu clad dog training daughter.

  5. Cute photos! Love the dog rolling over for her!

  6. what a capture!! love her tutu!

  7. what great pictures i love them all

  8. WOW- how does she do that? Looks like quite a little acrobat. :)

  9. She is too cute in her tutu! My little one hates even the sight of hers! It's so sad! Lovely shots!

  10. Great job on the edit. And the rest are just adorable!

  11. I really like these photos mostly because they are just shots of my girls being themselves. We sure are silly and like to dance in this house. Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments!


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