Friday, October 1, 2010

Fix It Friday: Sidewalk Chalk

Today's picture for Fix It Friday is a wonderful capture of the everyday. I absolutely adore this photo and am a bit envious of the capture mostly because when I try to get an everyday picture like this my girls grunt or look the other way these days. I think that's a sign of too many photo opportunities taken. Maybe my girls just wanna have fun. Okay, bad humor but please enjoy my fix as well as the original. It's a little dark, but the capture is wonderful.


I did two fixes this time because sometimes I just can't stop editing a photo when I've started. I might have over edited it and added too much yellow/green, but I like them both. My favorite is my first edit which I think tells me that sometimes just a little is enough.

Edit #1

Edit #2

Click the button below for more fixes and maybe even edit your one yourself. Have fun!


  1. Your second edit resonates with me a bit more than the first but it's a close call.

    Each time I've been to your blog (because of FIF on IHF) I'm stunned by your header picture - I absolutely love it!

  2. The second one really stands out in the crowd. It has a very cool feel to it.

    Susan/Project Balancing Act

  3. Thank you Dee and Susan! I'm so happy you liked my edit.

    Dee, the funny part about the header is that it's a photo I wasn't in love with. I started getting comments on it from friends and family and that's when I put it up as my header. I thought I would soon change it. Now I receive so many comments on it that I wouldn't dare change it. Thank you for your comments!


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