Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: Serenity

Over the weekend as a family we went down to watch all of the men, women and kids alike fishing for salmon. While Matt and Lorelei were watching all the fish come in (which were a lot) Hannah and I were doing this:

Please Enjoy Black and White Wednesday!

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the long road


  1. Thank you. I thought it was adorable the way she kept picking at everything. Something about just getting into the dirt.

  2. OK, how do you get her to STAY?! I love this photo - just gorgeous! :-) Happy Wednesday!

  3. so what did she find there?
    lovely capture!

  4. Thanks Karli and Ewa! I love just spending time with her. The secret to her sitting still is that we were out all day and she was exhausted! This was the same day we went hiking. We then drove out of town to go out for lunch and then went looking at the fisherman. There was also a creek to her side and I moved her just a bit so I could get her face and then she looked down grabbing at dirt, rocks, weeds, name it.


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