Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday: On A Hike

We went hiking over the weekend! Did you hear about that? Hannah had a blast running and going off the trails and Lorelei loved showing her around. I absolutely love trees, birds, chipmunks. You name it. I enjoyed being outdoors and in the trees. The light breeze was wonderful and Matt found a snake for Lorelei and showed her how to hold it so I know he had a great time as well! Here are my three sweet shots from the weekend, but the first shot is my favorite! Please enjoy!

My Sweet Shot Pick:

Two other Sweet Shots Just because.

For other amazingly sweet shots click the button below! Enjoy and maybe add your own!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. How beautiful. I'd love to live near such beauty. Great shots♥

  2. I really like your second shot. Very nice.

  3. your sweet shots are beutiful!

  4. Thank you everyone! I really love being going on a hike with the girls. I always have so much fun so it's nice to bring some pictures back to share with everyone.

  5. That first photo is so great! By the way: I get everything done during naps. :) I bet it gets harder with two babes!

  6. Pretty photos! Makes me want to go on a hike too!

  7. Just love all of those sweet shots... and it looks like a perfectly sweet time too! :)


  8. Thank you Chelsey, Anika and "Fresh Mommy." I enjoy reading everyones comments and opinions. It definitely makes blogging more fun!

    Chelsey, Oh you have no idea. It's fun, but my time is very limited especially with Hannah getting bigger. It seems even harder. Can you believe that?

    I love hiking. It's age appropriate hiking for little kiddos, but still so much fun!


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