Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Preschool: Introduction (A Warm Welcome)

So you may or may not have read my debates within the past few months about preschool and whether or not Lorelei was going to go to public school or stay home this year. If you're curious and have yet to read the debates click here for the first debate and here for part 2.

Okay, now that we're ready I'll let you in on what we did for our first day of preschool. Remember we are all moms with the best of intentions and are learning the ropes so be kind. To introduce the kiddos to preschool we let them play for about five minutes so they could get their wiggles out before we sat them down. After a few minutes the kids were more than ready to sit down and paint! 

We got out a banner I put together out of a roll of paper I got off of our easel from home. I simply wrote out the word "Preschool" to introduce them to our upcoming (nine week) lesson plan on letters. We talked about the letters on the banner and associated them with their names. (Our goal is for the kids to learn at their own pace and get the individual attention they need while having a nurturing learning environment.) They picked their letters and paint colors and got to painting.

Lorelei: I swear she enjoyed the painting more than this photo is showing. Too funny, she saw the camera aim her way and she blanked. I was impressed with her painting skills and happy she enjoyed the time with others.

Zeke (Momma from A Beautiful Life): Had a wonderful time mixing the colors! He also knows a lot of letter sounds. I was very impressed.

"E" (Momma from A Day's Journal): Was very polite and painted within the lines. She could also write her name which was very impressive.

The girls stayed the longest. Here they are finishing up the banner. Our goal is to put it up during each class so the kids understand the difference between a play date and school. Let's cross our fingers. 

Recess after snacks (Sheri provided yummy snacks which included peanut butter crackers. Lorelei immediately asked me for some for her house). The kids played Ring Around the Rosie among other games.

It wasn't easy to get all three of kids with their people. I cut out the people and clothes before hand from construction paper. Jenn brought the "google" eyes and the kids decorated. "E" quite enjoyed the activity while I was impressed with Zeke adding the shorts in for the letter A and Lorelei really loves her creative outfits doesn't she.

We have a plan for next week and we will be starting with the theme "Sky" and will introduce the letters A, B, and C with individual associations. We would also like to get a book in next week! Wish us luck. Overall though I think it was a wonderful success. The kids told us their favorite parts, other things they want to learn later and their little brothers and sisters played nicely!

If you have any other ideas or thoughts please share!


  1. That sounds like it went great! Good for all of you Mom's for getting together to form a preschool!

  2. I love it!! great photos! I can't wait to see what the weeks bring!

  3. great idea how to start the preschool

  4. I wish I could have done that with my oldest!! Dad said it was time for preschool. She loves it though, so it's just me wanting to hang on a little longer :)

  5. My friend approached me about the idea and I thought it was wonderful. I am so thankful to her for thinking of this and including me. It's turning out wonderful I think. I also think all three kids will benefit from learning from their parents before going into a classroom setting (if we all choose that for our children.) I completely understand about wanting to hold on a bit longer. Lorelei has gotten so big so fast. It can't be preschool time already! Too is and we are. It's great though.


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