Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Another Black and White, Wordless Wednesday

I thought I would compile a sort of funny and happy Black and White, Wordless Wednesday fairly similar to one I did just under a month ago (look here). Well, I hope you enjoy a little funny today. Take a look.

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The Paper Mama

the long road


  1. I love all these poses, great models:)

  2. So funny/cute. Thanks for giving me a smile today.

  3. What a ham! That is the most amazing collection of funny faces ever.

    You have a couple of cuties.


  4. Haha that is amazing! You didn't mention that it was going to be so hilarious! I just love those girls :)

  5. Thank you! Lorelei is definitely a ham when she wants to be and Hannah has the cutest little dances and finds everything hilarious so it's fun to capture when I am quick enough. I'm glad you all enjoyed the photos!

  6. I love black and white photos. They are timeless. Great photos of your girls!


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