Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Touch Up Tuesday: Lorelei Plays Dress Up

I have not taken photos in days. This is not good, so I grabbed the camera this morning and started snapping away. We did a few projects I took some pictures and I tried to get some good photos of the girls. The photo I picked to use for today is of Lorelei playing dress up in some of her accessories and some of mine. It was hard picking from all of the photos I took this morning so I hope you like it. Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

The Edit:


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  1. I think it's great! I love the look on her face. I can't wait till my Laureli is playing dress up!

    Do you have photoshop? Have you ever used the Lasso tool with a feather and then adjusted curves to raise exposure in shadowed areas? I use that to help any dark shadow on say half of a face. :)

  2. Hey Chelsey! Thank you. I don't have photoshop. I mostly use my photo gallery fix up stuff. I use GIMP on the very rare occassion, which I did not this time. You can reduce shadows on the stock gallery fix, but it doesn't always look that great. I wonder if GIMP does that too. I'll have to take a look. I saw something on Ashley's site about that as well. I feel out of the loop here.

  3. I love the shot!! Great job on the edit too!!

  4. Your edit looks wonderful! It made it look like she's standing by a window and natural light is coming in. What a cutie! :-)

  5. Thank you. I hear about the shadows a lot, but I always like them. Sometimes it would be nice to get them out, but there is that occasion that I like the photo because of it. Sounds weird huh. I think this shot and maybe two or three others were the only ones that had that shadow and they were my favorites. Thank you for the comments ladies!


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