Monday, September 6, 2010

A Game: How Funny Are My Girls

Today I would like to play a little game in honor of the holiday and "last summer weekend." I would like to have a little fun with some funny questions and three choice answers. Please enjoy and have a laugh!

1. What did Lorelei thorougly enjoy with plenty off laughs when she saw it jiggle?

a. her jello
b. my thighs
c. a fish after being caught

2. What did Lorelei say about a women holding a large sign in the wind?

a. that she laughed hysterically hard when the sign kept falling.
b. that she felt bad for the lady.
c. that she wanted to help the lady.

3. What is Lorelei's favorite drink?

a. Gatorade
b. water
c. chocolate milk, but calls it hot cocoa.

4. What does Hannah climb in?

a. the toy box.
b. the baby doll pac n play.
c. the bath tub.

5. What does Hannah say to get what she is after?

a. pea peesh
b. ank u.
c. me me

6. What did Hannah swallow a while back?

a. a tiny plastic poodle.
b. a penny.
c. a rock.

The End

Three questions per child. How well do you know my kiddos? What do you think Lorelei finds so funny?


1, b

Yes. My sweet little Lorelei bumped into my legs and noticed they jiggled and kept on smacking them to watch them jiggle. "Look mom. They are jiggling!" This of course was while I explained to her that it was not polite. She still thought it was funny.

2, a

I don't think this game is shedding much polite light on my daughter, but yes she did think it was funny that the poor lady could not hold the sign in the wind. After all the lady was laughing herself, but that was quite a large sign and I felt bad. Lorelei did say that she herself "laughed hysterically hard."

3, c

Definitely chocolate milk. She does of course call it hot cocoa and this love came after watching an UmiZoomi episode about where milk comes from. She now loves chocolate milk.

4, b

The doll pac n play must look like her old pac n play or just look like fun, but she climbs right in and laughs and smiles. The first time she climbed in I took it away because I didn't want it to break, but she cried so hard I decided it wasn't that big of a deal. Bad mom.

5, a

Pea, Peesh is her way of saying please please. My polite pal Hannah. So cute. She also says "ank u" for thank you after she gets the object. So polite.

6, b

We do have a very tiny toy poodle Lorelei got from one of those change machines, but it was in fact a penny. I felt absolutely horrible and like the worst mom in the world. To read more on my horrible mom moment click here.

There you have it, three new facts about each little girl. I hope you enjoyed every word. I enjoyed telling it. Well, I was a bit embarrassed when I realized my momming skills seem to be lacking. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and please enjoy your day!

Just leaving the parking lot Lorelei held onto Hannah's hand this weekend to show her around on her first hike (where she was old enough to wander on her own).

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