Friday, September 10, 2010

Fix It Friday: Two Little Pigtails on One Cute Girl

Here is my second try at Fix it Friday. I downloaded this photo from I Heart Faces Flickr account and touched it up using GIMP and My Photo Galleries stock editing program. I thought she needed brightened up a little bit. After all it's a little girl with a sort of mischievous grin which looks like it could pop into a giggle at any moment. I hope you enjoy my fix.

Original given to me by I Heart Faces:

My Edit:

For more fixes go to I Heart Faces or click their button below! Thanks.


  1. I like the warmth you added. Very nice!

  2. Beautiful! I love the warmth as well!

  3. Thank you Summer and Heather. My goal was to make her of course warmer, but also make her pop a little bit. I blurred the background just a bit more and sharpened her eyes, brightened her up a bit, adding some warmer hues and tried sharpening some of the details that seemed fuzzy. I'm still learning, but I'm so glad it came out well. Thanks again!

  4. What a great edit. Loved the crop!

  5. Thank you everyone! I'm enjoying the fix it challenges. This is only my second, but it is fun!

  6. The crop just draws the attention to her pretty face. Beautiful edit! :)


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