Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Touch Up Tuesday

So here it goes. I'm trying another Touch Up Tuesday. I don't feel like I'm very talented in the editing department, but I'm learning. I really need to get into some of the programs and such. I have gimp but I haven't put the time and effort into it to really learn cool tricks. I really just learn as I go and google it. Otherwise I use the stock editing program in my gallery.

This photo is from this afternoon after dinner. Matt came home from work, we ate dinner and he took us out for ice cream. Lorelei likes to savor her ice cream so she was the last one holding a cone. To get Hannah to sit still we gave her the keys.

The Edit:


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  1. Oh wow! This is fantastic! Your BEAUTIFUL girls just "pop"!!!...but it's not overdone. It's just the right amount in my opinion. I love it. And I love the contrast brought out in the bush. There's more difference between lights and darks now. Great, great job! :-)

    I had to laugh at the ole' "give her the keys trick." Works every time! HA! :-)

  2. This looks fabulous - that's all it needed!

  3. Really great. Love the deeper, richer colors!

  4. Your edit brought out the colors and made the entire picture more vibrant! Great work! :)

  5. Thank you so much ladies. I appreciate all of your comments. I'm so glad the picture came out. While I was working on it I reached I point where I simply stopped because I like it. Sometimes I find myself wanting to keep editing to see what else I can get out of it and it ends up washed out or overdone.

    Karli, I love the keys trick. I have been doing that with both girls since Lorelei was a baby three years ago. Works every time, until you have to take them back.


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