Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Edit: Hannah and a Wheel

So here it is. I am on the fence again. I enjoy editing, but the original is always nice as well. I see issues (I am not a photographer), but I like the calmness of the original photo. The edit is nice because I like the color on the wheel popping. My question is if her body language is suggesting a bright photo or more of a calm serenity. What do you think?


  1. I love both! My husband tends to like my untouched photos (maybe with a crop) rather than my edits with actions & color punches! Sometimes SOOC is already fantastic!

  2. I love them both but i do really like the "pop" of color in the wheel on the edit. I think you are definatly a photographer in the making ;)

  3. Thank you ladies! Sometimes I can't think of anything that the original needs and I already love it the way it is. This one needed a little clearing up and a pop of color, but her body language kind of contradicted my edit. I'm glad you ladies like it! Thank you.


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