Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Simplicity Photo Challenge: Love

I decided to go look a little outside the box on this photo challenge. The challenge is to share a photo showing love and my first instinct is love between family and little girls and their daddies, but when I got to thinking about love while going through my recent photos from our zoo adventure I saw a reoccurring display of affection in the photos; Lorelei and her Raggedy Ann doll. She is in love with this doll and takes her on walks, to the store, for car rides and of course to the zoo. There isn't any other kind of love like the love for your childhood doll.

Take a look at the Simplicity Photo Challenge for more photos of love.


  1. This is a PERFECT example of love!! How sweet is thia picture of your daughter and her doll?!

  2. Just commented on Simplicity's page for your photo....big ooops!!! LOVE this photo with raggedy ann!!!!!

  3. Thank you so much ladies! I really enjoy how my daughter is so passionate about things, especially this little Raggedy Ann doll. People always stop us on our walks to mention the doll. I'm so glad you like the photo!


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