Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kids Say and Do the Darndest

Happy Independence Day! I have had a wonderful weekend thus far and would like to take a little break for fun on my blog as well. I have made up a short game for you to get to know my girls. Have fun and take a guess. Answers are posted at the bottom.

1. 'L' accidentally hurt my shin with something today. What was it?

A. toy piano
B. shoe
C. her head
D. chair

2. 'L' wants to be just like one of the characters she sees on t.v. Who is it?

A. Sporticus
B. Dora
C. Kai Lan
D. Princess Pea

What piece of furniture does 'H' currently climb?

A. toy box
B. couch
C. toddler bed
D. all of the above

3. 'H' will eat bowl fulls of what two food items?

A. Cheerios and strawberries
B. Mac n' cheese and peaches
C. Blueberries and peas
D. Bananas and Fruit Loops

4. What do the girls love playing together?

A. Dancing
B. Peak-a-Boo
C. Hide n' seek
D. All of the above

5. 'L' patted my belly and said "You look ___ today." Fill in the blank.

A. chubby
B. full
C. pregnant
D. lovely

6. What does 'H' do when I put her in the pac n play?

A. cries like there is no tomorrow.
B. tries to climb out.
C. plays quietly.
D. hands toys back and forth to her sister.

answers: 1. C, 2. A, 3. B, 4. D, 5. B, 6. trick question. depends on the day.

Well, if you'd like a better understanding of these I can clear some of this up. 'L' was playing and goofing around when she tripped and zoomed head first into my shin. It hurt so bad and now it is swollen with a bruise.

Which brings me to the second question and answer. She would like to be Sporticus with all of her heart. She jumps and rolls and moves just like he does. She even tries to do a one handed push up as the sporty superhero does, but in an altered child way. It's definitely something to be seen.

Just like her mom did as a child, 'H' loves her macaroni and cheese plus some delicious peaches. It must be something about the color yellow because she can't seem to get enough. She even loved the macaroni and cheese that I foolishly made without having butter in the house and substituted it with sour cream. Yum.

My girls love playing together. Although the age difference can be a bit of a hindrance they still play at all hours. 'H' has loved finding her sister in hide and seek since she was just a tiny baby on my hip pointing whenever I asked "where is 'L' hiding". Now she runs right after her. They also love to dance and have played a mean game of peak-a-boo in their day.

As much as pregnant or chubby would be quite humorous or lovely would be well, lovely 'L' said I looked quite full. She has gotten a kick out of grabbing my belly since her three year well visit with her pediatrician. He checked her belly and while she looked uncomfortable he mentioned he could feel her cheerios in her belly. Since that day she loves grabbing peoples bellies to predict the food in their tummy.

As far as the pac n play goes in this house it's about to go. It has been my side kick and companion as a SAHM, but it is becoming a negative item in my house especially since she started trying to climb out. After her first year well visit and getting four shots, she has been quite nervous and attached to me and putting her down some days isn't an option. Other days she plays quietly or even plays with her sister in a wonderful game 'L' should call "gimme."

There you have it, six new facts you now know about my girls. I hope everyone enjoyed their Four of July as you may still be, but again as a SAHM I am once again home with the girls as they sleep.

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