Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nap Time Debate: Huggies Vs. Pampers

Now, Pampers have always been on my littlest girl who is just turning one (and on her older sister until she began potty training who is now three). She isn't one to really rash. Pampers recently changed their formula to be drier and thinner. The idea behind this newer formula sounds wonderful. I know I wouldn't want to wear a heavy, saggy, diaper so why put my girl in one. Right? I'm not sure if you follow this theory, but some say their isn't any such thing as a coincidence. A rash started to form on my one year old that didn't seem to go away, but get worse at the same time we just switched to these new pampers.

I started to change her even when she was dry and as often as possible because it just seemed to get redder and redder. I used a mix between Desitin Creamy and Balmex. (I love Desitin for overnight protection and Balmex for a bad rash.) Neither cream worked. I started letting her roam around in diaper covers without a diaper when I finally decided to google it.

This is one example of what I found today:

(AP) Government safety officials are looking into a handful of reports of severe rashes caused by new types of Pampers diapers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission started an investigation this week following complaints of babies and toddlers suffering severe and persistent diaper rashes and blisters that resemble chemical burns.

In March, Procter & Gamble launched new versions of its Swaddlers and Cruisers diapers in the U.S. The thinner diapers use the company's Dry Max technology to replace the paper pulp previously used. Parents' groups blame the change for skin problems.

The company denies that Dry Max causes chemical burns.


It went on with Procter and Gamble saying they will clear up the misleading information that is out there. What also came next were many comments from mothers saying the same thing I am.

To be on the safe side....the winner is!!!! Dun da duh.......drum roll....HUGGIES.

Thank you Huggies for not changing what works. Your diapers fit better and have a great shape for my little girls behind and the rash is almost cleared after a couple of days! Thank you!

Just an opinion by this mom of two.


  1. Wow! I had no idea! Poor kiddo :(
    on another note though, Huggies actually give my boys a rash... However nothing even remotely severe enough to look like a chemical burn, but more of an irritation.

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  3. I thought you'd be interested in this one. I have been a pampers fan for three years, but when they made the change I unfortunately had to make a choice. Her hiney just wasn't getting better with the pampers. Huggies it is. They fit great too!

    All is well that ends well!


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