Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Sort of Creative Experiment

Quick snaps. I ran around the house just a bit ago and took a few quick snap shots of this and that. I have been experimenting with photography for the last few months with it being my new hobby and all, but I haven't really experimented all that much with different types of editing. I'm exploring my tastes and seeing what sort of creative photographer I am. I hope you like the works I have for you today. 

My Sky watch:
Also linked up with Simplicity: Routine
This shot was actually taken through my girls dirty window and screen. I thought it was moody so I edited in sort of a moody way. It is a routine for myself and the girls to stare out the window in search of boats and birds.
Skywatch Friday

This particular flower is still hanging strong in Lorelei's room from a few weeks back. This was a strong edit I think. The color was definitely distorted into this finished product.

Also linked up with LEM Easter, etc.
Honestly this is no doubt a stretch, but with my oldest getting sick we were stuck on the couch most of the day today. I believe the flowers and their color really says Easter or Spring for that matter.
This photo is more in its original. 
The color of the walls are more of a lavender or light pink in the girls room so I lightened the capture and added a glow for a feminine touch. It's kind of gritty I think.
Blogging from Bolivia


  1. You live close enough to the ocean to look out your window and catch glimpses of passing ships? I envy you!


    I wonder why
    Some love the sky
    But not the wind and rain.

    I wonder, friend,
    If sky will end—
    It’s too much for my brain!

    © by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Tree Folk & Sky

  2. Really like the colors in the last shot.

  3. Love the boat! What a great view!

  4. That first shot is simply amazing. Beautiful!

  5. Love that first capture. It is just a brilliant composition.

  6. I love how you can just "run around the house" and capture an incredible lake scene like that. Sigh. I will say that although to others my new privacy fence may visually offensive, it takes my breath away almost as readily as that lake! I love being able to throw my son outside now!
    I really love your strong edit of the flowers in the second pic...definitely feels like Easter to me!

  7. You live close to the ocean? Gosh, I wish I could trade places with you even for one day only. Those are beautiful photos - but the first one has to be my favourite. Two thumbs up!

    Inside Cambodia

  8. I love these shots, N! The light on the water is beautiful and the flower shots are so lovely. :)

  9. Hi there,
    I discovered your blog from your link up over at Faith's photo challenge.

    I have to say that you take some amazing shots. I really like your style and editing. I'd love to be able to take shots like that one of these days.

  10. I love that first shot, great edit. I love how you are using textures. The 2nd shot is very neat as well. I love the colors and how there is sort of a rainbow. Very neat. The 3rd shot is nice as well. I wish I could edit like that too. I can never really tell if I've done too much or not enough.

  11. GORGEOUS skywatch!

  12. Thank you everyone for such lovely comments! Yes, we live right on the beach. However it isn't the ocean. Just as beautiful though. It's hard not to stare out the window and daydream on numerous occasions throughout the day.

    WyTography, I am jealous of your fence! Our patio outside our door is practically a cliff down to the beach so there isn't any turning around while outside with the kids.

    Becky, I know what you mean. I know I am a victim of over edited! I've been enjoying the textures on Picnik (a connected product to Picasa).

  13. beautiful shots! thanks so much for linking up :)

  14. Thank you everyone for such nice comments.

    Thank you so much for stopping by Faith!


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