Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Beautiful, Mellow, Macro, Rewind Kind of Monday

The end of last week was a lot of fun. One big reason for great attitudes was that the mid to late April snow melted. Yes, we did get snow in April. A few times. This day was beautiful and fairly sunny and we got out and enjoyed it. Please enjoy my photos.
Hannah loves to swing. She especially enjoys the swing at her grandparents house. This little yellow swing fits her just perfectly and is low enough to the ground for her to scoot up on and everything.

I borrowed Lorelei's flowers for a moment. She was cleaning up the yard with her Grandma when she found these flowers and picked them. She loves to pick flowers.

Here is a collage with a few favorite photos from our day last week.


  1. Awesome shots - I love the second one.

  2. Lovely macro of the squill blossoms.

  3. precious, precious, precious!!!

  4. These are fantastic, Nicole! Wow. LOVE those sweet blooms.

  5. Your macro is so pretty! and the girls are too cute. Snow is April, I thought everyone was done with snow by now.

  6. That face is too adorable!! Thanks for linking up today!!!

  7. I love the color combo of green, blue, and yellow in that first shot. Hannah looks quite content in that swing. :)

    Those are lovely blooms. I've never seen those kinds of flowers before.

  8. It really does look like you had a great week! She's such a cutie. Those flowers are amazing--love the blue stripe on the petals.

  9. Thank you everyone. I had to look up what kind of flower that is. It is a striped squill and it actually starts off as a bulb. It was plucked from my in-laws yard.

    Thank you for all of your beautiful comments.


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