Friday, October 1, 2010

Autumn Craft: All Hands and Feet

I can't even explain to you how much I enjoy these crafts. They are absolutely adorable and super easy. If I could set the girls up in an assembly line I would send one to each family member. The wonderful website which gave the inspiration (and instruction) for these crafts is Artists Helping Children. I definitely suggest checking it out. 

Okay, here is our version and I do have to admit that I did not read the instructions. Sorry! I googled it this morning while the girls were wandering around my feet. What we did was outline Lorelei's hands and foot (I helped her a bit to get a straighter line). Then I cut them out as well as the head, beak and feet. She was super impatient this morning and did not want to add eyes or anything, but she loved it so much she wanted to play with it.

Hand & Foot print Crow:
(Lorelei 3 years)

The last photo is of all of the projects together and I really wanted Lorelei to make a tree too because it was so simple, but she wanted to help Hannah. That was okay with me as well. Lorelei helped pick out the purple for our second tree. I traced Hannah's hand and cut out the shape as well as the tree topper and leaves.

For the first tree I showed Hannah the idea by putting the leaves where the glue was and she got the hang of it quick. She pointed out where she wanted it and I put the glue down. She stuck the leaf right to the glue very easily. It was a lot of fun and Hannah was very pleased with herself. Oh I almost forgot. All I did differently was add a paper towel roll cut in half and glued it to the back of the trees so they would stand up.

Hand Print Autumn Tree (+Crow):
(Hannah 16 months)

For more crafts click here. I know I'll be going back!


  1. These are so awesome Nicole! You are amazing at finding the best crafts! I think we should do the tree one for preschool, what a great fall idea!

  2. OH I can't wait to do this with my kids!!! Thanks for the great idea :)

  3. You're welcome. It's too funny. A lot of he time I just kind come up with some random project to do with the kids, but with a theme in mind (autumn) I blanked. Thank goodness for google! I also like the idea of trying things out and sharing it with everyone so people know it doesn't always work out as planned, but as long as everyone has fun all is well! These however are adorable and I loved the projects!

  4. What a super idea!! I absolutely adore that crow...too cute <3

  5. Thank you Tezzie! It was a fun project for sure.


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